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About the Book.

The Wilder Few is a mosaic of prose, poems, memoir, and character sketches examining what it is to live, dream, and die in the Rose City. Through a series of interlocking vignettes, the book explores families born into and built, the spellbinding music of the natural world, and how the past informs each moment of the present.

It's a quilt of words stitched together in tribute to the souls that stubbornly refuse to be tamed, and a love song to the redemptive power of art in all its forms. Above all, it's a celebration of the bald beauty of being alive.

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About the Author.

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Born, raised, and inextricably bound to Windsor, Ontario, John-Karel West is a failed former pop star, writer, amateur photographer,and squirrel enthusiast. The Wilder Few is his first published collection of written work outside the realm of music.



All text and images by J.K. West.

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